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Summer Solstice Resolution.

*Points flashlight and yells across the lifeless, frozen water in a fake British accent* Is anyone alive out there?! Can anybody hear me?! ((echo))

I went to work with my mom today. That included waking up at an ungodly hour, doing a horrible job painting my nails, and walking in the sweltering heat to get turned down by 3 places for jobs (I was, however, able to apply at Big Lots -- fun!). At least I got a free haircut -- like that's something new.

Anyway, my summer resolution (inspired by the Myspace horoscope page) is to do some serious self-improvement. But that fact may be redundant.

To be more specific, I hereby resolve to:
- Get over my fear of the telephone.
- Get dressed before noon.
- Finish all the books on my mental list of books to read.
- Not waste my summer.
- Be a completely different person when school starts.

Your turn.
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