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Get the moonlight out of your hair.

Thought I should update on my resolutions so far.

As far as the writing more goes, I've designated the tacky notebook Beth gave me as my new journal and wrote a couple pages in it yesterday. A couple? I mean like 6. I might write a story or a song (yeah right) if I get the inspiration, but I wouldn't count on it tomorrow.

That's pretty much it. I haven't carpe diemed, I'm not a bohemian, and I'm not close at all to kissing a guy in the rain. Although I wrote a short little story that involved me doing that...but I deleted it. And that goes under the last category anyway.

I walked 2 miles today, but since I'm not the one trying to lose weight (or at least resolving to), it's kinda off-topic. My pedometer said I only burned 130 calories anyway, so that made me mad. I hope it's broken.

I think I need a shirtless guy to keep my spirits up...*HINT HINT*
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